Made In Somewhere

Film, Photomontage of care labels

and video portrait, 2020

Made in Somewhere explores the mystification of labour in fast-fashion.

"In the first weeks of the lockdown, I cut the care label from each item in my wardrobe. This study led me to think about how the lack of information on care labels permits vicarious authorship. Only the country in which it was made is stated, but there is no credit offered to the long list of individual contributors.

Supply chains involved in fast fashion production are mystified and complex, so naming each person involved is challenging. The small label creates a convenient obfuscation of the production process for the consumer, as the brand does not desire drawing attention to the fabrication of fast fashion garments often in poor working conditions in developing countries. During the video, labels loop over my eyes to illustrate an obscuring of vision. This animation caricatures this idea of a ‘blind consumer’, using myself and my personal wardrobe as an example."

 © Sophie Cunningham 2020