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Knock off, Knock up


Installation, 2020

Online, I found a transparent belted jacket in glossy red, which reminded me of a sweetie wrapper. It looked uncomfortable to wear and I imagined it would squeak when you wear it. I tried to order 6, but there was not enough in stock. I continued my search and I found a dark grey vinyl puffer jacket, a starkly similar colour to the PVC pipes used for plumbing. It had the shape of a puffer jacket, but instead of being cushion like, it was stiff, plastic and shiny. I ordered 6 and on Friday 13th March, I collected them from ASDA on Deptford high street.

I took them back to my studio, where I unpackaged each one and constructed different formations. I settled on pairing them up and zipping them together, reimagining them as invisible bodies fused together. The sculpture existed for 3 days, I wanted it to last for the full return policy, but this was cut short by the imminent closure of my studio. On Monday 16th March I packed up each jacket and posted them back to the retailer.

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